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How to Connect FTP Using FileZilla Software

How to Connect FTP Using FileZilla Software

Today I’m going to show you how to connect to FTP with FileZilla. It is one of my favorite programs, so let’s get started. Now before we go and actually connect to FTP, we need to track down a few things inside of our cPanel. We’re going to start here. I want you to do …

GoDaddy Pro Dashboard Tutorial – All You About to Know

GoDaddy Pro Dashboard Tutorial

This is the GoDaddy Pro dashboard. For quick access in the future, add this page to your favorites or bookmarks. The navbar displays along the left side of the dashboard. As we go through the navbar, you’ll notice there are different ways to access some of the same information, so you can use whichever view …

What is cPanel? A Complete Guide for Beginners (A to Z)

What is cPanel?

Today I will discuss the basic things of cPanel. cPanel is a web hosting control panel that is used by most web hosting providers. It allows their customers to interact with their Web servers. In this article, I will take a short tour of the items that are included in most cPanel setups. Also, I …