Best Foreign Language Movies You Should Watch From Today

My interest in foreign language movies has always been high. movies of different genres in different countries have beautiful ideas about the natural beauty, culture, way of life, and people of the countries. Also, the type of film in each country is the same.

So I took the opportunity to watch foreign-language movies in this lockdown. Of these, many movies had been seen before. So today I am suggesting to you some of the most beautiful and good foreign language movies I have seen.

Best Foreign Language Movies List

Best Foreign Language Movies You Should Watch

Malayalam (India)

• Charlie (Drama)
• Bangalore Days (Drama, Romance)
• Premam (Romance, Drama)
• Kumbalangi Nights (Drama, Romance)
• Ustad Hotel (Drama)
• Drishyam (Thriller)

Assamese (India)

• Aramis (Drama)
• Village Rockstars (Drama, Family)

Pakistani (Pakistan)

• Bol (Drama, Romance)
• Dukhtar (Drama)

Nepali (Nepal)

• Pahuna: The Little Visitors (Drama)

Thai (Thailand)

• Bad Genius (Thriller)
• The Teacher’s Diary (Drama, Romance)

Vietnamese (Vietnam)

• Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass (Drama)

Malaysian (Malaysia)

• Pulang (Drama, Romance)

Indonesian (Indonesia)

• Dilan 1990, 1991 (Romance)
• Hijrah Cinta (Biography, Drama)

Taiwanese (Taiwan)

• Who Killed Cock Robin? (Mystery, Thriller, Crime)
• You Are the Apple of My Eye (Romance)

Cantonese (Hong Kong)

• Shaolin Soccer (Comedy, Sports)
• Kong Fu Hustle (Comedy)

Japanese (Japan)

• Grave of the Fireflies (Animation, Drama, War)
• The Garden of Words ( Animation, Drama, Romance)
• Tokyo Story (Drama)
• Departures (Drama)
• Shoplifters (Drama)

Korean (South Korea)

• Parasite (Drama, Thriller, Comedy)
• Oldboy (Mystery, Drama, Action)
• No Mercy (Crime, Thriller, Action)
• Train to Busan (Thriller, Action)
• Miracle in Cell No. 7 (Drama)
• A Moment to Remember (Romance, Drama)

Mongolian (Mongolia)

• The Cave of the Yellow Dog (Drama, Family)

Russian (Russia)

• Ballad of a Solider (Drama, Romance, War)
• The Return (Drama)

Turkish (Turkey)

• Mucize (Drama)
• Mucize Ask (Drama)
• Ayla: The Daughter of War (Biography, History, War)
• Once Upon A Time in Anatolia (Drama, Thriller)
• Sour Apples (Drama, Romance)

Iranian (Iran)

• A Separation (Drama, Thriller)
• Children of Heaven (Drama)
• The Song of Sparrows (Drama, Family)
• The Color of Paradise (Drama, Family)
• The Salesman (Drama, Thriller)
• The Past (Drama, Mystery)

Kurdish (Iraq)

• Bekas (Drama)
• Son of Babylon (Drama)

Lebanese (Lebanon)

• Capernaum (Drama)
• The Insult (Drama, Thriller)

Jordanian (Jordan)

• Theeb (Drama, Adventure)

Syrian (Syria)

• For Sama (Documentary, War)

Saudi (Saudi Arabia)

• Wadjda (Drama)

Mauritanian (Mauritania)

• Timbuktu (Drama, War)

Ugandan (Uganda)

• Who Killed Captain Alex? (Comedy, Action)

South African (South Africa)

• Tsotsi (Crime, Drama)

Brazilian (Brazil)

• City of God (Crime, Drama)

Argentine (Argentina)

• Wild Tales (Drama, Thriller, Anthology)
• The Secret in Their Eyes (Mystery, Drama)

Colombian (Colombia)

• Maria Full of Grace (Drama, Crime)

Chilean (Chile)

• A Fantastic Women (Drama)

Hungarian (Hungary)

• Son of Saul (Drama, War)
• The Turin Horse (Drama, Philosophy)

Norwegian (Norway)

• Headhunters (Crime, Thriller)

Swedish (Switzerland)

• A Man Called Ove (Comedy, Drama)

Estonian (Estonia)

• Truth and Justice (Drama)

Georgian (Georgia)

• Tangerines (Drama, War)

Austrian (Austria)

• Amour (Drama)

German (Germany)

• Downfall (History, War)
• The Collini Case (Mystery, Thriller)

Belgian (Belgium)

• Loft (Crime, Mystery, Thriller)

Romanian (Romania)

• 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (Drama)

Danish (Denmark)

• Department Q Film Series (Crime, Detective)
• The Guilty (Drama, Thriller)

French (France)

• Les Misrables (Crime, Drama)
• Custody (Drama)
• Amelie (Comedy, Romance)

Italian (Italy)

• Bicycle Thief (Drama)
• Life is Beautiful (Drama)

Spanish (Spain)

• The Invisible Guest (Mystery, Thriller)
• Mirage (Mystery, Thriller)
• The Body (Mystery, Thriller)
• Marshland (Mystery, Thriller)

Canadian (Canada)

• Incendies (Drama, War)
• Room (Drama)

Mexican (Mexico)

• Roma (Drama)
• Sin Nombre (Drama)

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I hope you don’t waste your time watching these movies. Movies can be found on MLWBD, MKVKING, PAHEIN, MLSBD, etc websites in addition to any torrent site. You can also find subtitles by searching the SUBSCENE or OPENSUBTITELS website.

Take a look at the movies slowly from time to time. If necessary, save or share the post in your timeline and you can also mention your movie-loving friend in the post. You can also suggest me any of your favorite foreign language movies out of the list in the comment box. There was love for everyone. Thanks.

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