7 Inventors Who Hate Their Own Inventions

An idea that comes out of someone’s mind can be a great new invention, but unfortunately when the idea is put forward, not only the inventor can cultivate it, but also other people with different intentions. Some are good, dear, but some are bad for other people.

Therefore, there are actually many inventors who have succeeded in changing human life, but not a few inventors regret it and not infrequently there are inventors who hate their own inventions.

7 Inventors Who Hate Their Own Inventions

So, who are the inventors who regret and hate their own inventions? Here’s the list.

1. Alfred Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer

Alfred Einstein and J. Robert Oppenheimer were among the inventors who hated their inventions. They are the geniuses behind the creation of an atomic bomb that managed to destroy the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

The atomic bomb was actually first created by Oppenheimer at the Los Alamos Lab, with help from Einstein from his genius theories.

Unfortunately, Oppenheimer and Einstein spent the rest of their lives regretting the contract signed with the President of the United States at that time, because their inventions were used for war and took many lives.

That’s what makes them inventors who hate their own inventions.

2. Mikhail Kalashnikov

Mikhail Kalashnikov is on the list of inventors who hate his inventions. Mikhail is the creator of a legendary weapon, namely the AK-47 which has great damage but at a low price. The Gamers already know with this one weapon.

However, Mikhail’s results became a regret because it was used for warfare during World War II. In fact, he also lived long enough before he died in 2014, to witness how his inventions were misused for the wars that have occurred to this day.

Moreover, this weapon is often identified with terrorists who use this cheap weapon. So no wonder, he became one of the inventors who hated his own invention.

3. Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel must have been familiar, especially for those of you who like physics. The name Nobel is also often associated in science, technology and even peace, one of which is to honor the inventor who regretted having made an invention.

Nobel was an engineer who finally managed to find a way to efficiently detonate large rocks, which used nitroglycerin and silica to create an object called dynamite.

He also regretted having invented dynamite, and before he died Nobel committed to donating his royalties in the form of donations and prizes to people who had a good influence on the world, so it is known as the Nobel Prize to this day.

4. Ethan Zuckerman

If you like to be annoyed with ads that suddenly appear while using the internet, maybe you can blame Ethan Zuckerman. He is the inventor of the automated advertising system that exists today.

Zuckerman, who is currently a co-chair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, once submitted an essay to The Atlantic newspaper , claiming responsibility for people’s frustration with his automated ads.

Until now, he became one of the inventors who regretted annoying others when using the internet.

5. Vincent Connare

If you like to type using Microsoft Office, then you are no stranger to the Comic Sans font. Yep, Comic Sans is a font that has a design similar to children’s writing or the style of comic books in general.

At first, Vincent Connare created this font as an alternative to other fonts with a rigid style, namely Times New Roman.

However, unfortunately, many people don’t like it and even hate this font. Connare also did not expect his invention to be that popular and regretted his own invention.

6. John Sylvan

The inventor who regretted seeing the results of his own invention was John Sylvan. He is the inventor of a machine that can make coffee in capsule form.

Indeed, coffee in capsule form is very helpful, especially for those who are busy. Even though they need a machine, in fact capsule coffee is an option for them to refresh their eyes after tired of working.

Unfortunately, the inventor John Sylvan regretted having found this coffee, and even he was known as one of the inventors who hated his own invention.

7. Dong Nguyen

Who doesn’t know Flappy Bird? This game suddenly became phenomenal because it was difficult to play, even by the inventor himself. Dong Nguyen, the inventor suddenly became a rich man because of the income from the games he created.

Unfortunately, money doesn’t make him happy. Dong Nguyen felt sorry for creating this game, moreover, he had to get “terror” from calls, e-mails and tweets about him. No wonder he is included in the list of inventors who hate their own inventions.

Those were 7 inventors who hated their own inventions. For some inventors, finding something new and having a good impact on others is indeed happy, but not infrequently also feels the opposite, when other people who develop it do not have the same vision and goals as him.

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