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There are not many movie download websites in Bangladesh, many of them have already been shut down. However, in the past few years, we have seen a few new websites and one of them is MLSBD. At present MLSBD.Com is a popular movie download website in our country. You can download movies free through MLSBD.Co.

The MLSBD movie website is a complete Bangladeshi website. Some of the older brothers in the university-run this website. If we look at the design of this website, we can see that it is a unique website from all other websites. Its design is truly admirable and the person who created it is certainly a skilled web designer.

If we enter this website, we see that a well-decorated website. Here we will find a column in which there are two rows in which two movies are shown. In this way, we will see new movies as we scroll down. After a while, there will be a hyperlink “More” by clicking this we will be able to watch the next movies there without going to the next page.


There are also numerous categories on this website, not just Bollywood or Hollywood. On this website, we can see almost all kinds of movies like Arabic, Persian, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Dhallywood and Tollywood. There are also many more categories.

Those of us who like to watch Hollywood movies or watch most English movies often don’t understand English and didn’t enjoy the movie that way. Seeing the plight of the listeners, MLS BD has come up with a collection of Bangla subtitles.

There are many movies available with Bangla subtitles. That means you can enjoy movies with Bangla subtitles. Not just Hollywood or English movies. If you are searching for movies with Bangla subtitles then MLSBD may be the perfect web site for you.

Download & Install MLSBD Android App

There is good news for you if you are an Android user. Did you know MLSBD is an Android app? By installing JT, you can download any movie instantly using this app without going to the website. If you want to use the MLSBD app, download it from the link below.

official mlsbd app

Click Here To Download

For those who use a computer or have an iPhone, there are suggestions to use the website only. And we have already discussed in detail in this post how to download movies from the website so you should not be a problem.

How To Download Any Movie From MLSBD

This is the question many people ask us how to download a movie from MLSBD. So those of you who do not know the download system then read this paragraph. Here I am trying to explain to you through screenshots. Just try to do it the way I do, hopefully, you will be able to download the movie you want.

First of all, enter the website.

If your movie is on the first page, click on it from there. And if you don’t find it there, you can search the movie by typing in the search box.

When the movie page opens, you need to scroll down. See I gave the screenshot here.
Here you can see some download buttons, click there.

mlsbd download section
mlsbd download section

The reason for having a few download buttons is its quality, there are different download links of different quality. Click on the quality movie you want to download.

Clicking the download button will take you to a new page. Click on the ‘Click here to generate download link’ then the page will automatically go to the end and there will be another link.

go to download link sc
go to download link

Clicking “Go to download link” will automatically take you to another link. Click rate After clicking on this link a new page will open and you will be asked to wait for 10 seconds on that page.

When you wait, you will see another hyperlink called “Get link”.

get link
get link

After clicking on the get link, another page will open and show links will be written there. After clicking on the show link, the page will reload and display a message called “unlocking links”. After waiting for a while, you will be able to see different website addresses.  Now click on any link of your choice and download movies from there very easily. So this is the easiest way for you to download from MLSBD.

unlocking links

Hopefully, from now on you can easily download any movie from MLSBD. If anyone still has a problem, be sure to let us know by commenting in the comment box below. We will try to reply to your comment as soon as possible.

List of MLSBD Website

As far as I know, MLSBD has been going through its services for the last two-three years. In these 2/3 years, the main domain of MLSBD movie, namely, is no longer used. Domains are blocked from Google or Country for a variety of reasons, from copyright to DMCA. As a result, the domain no longer works.

Whenever these domains are blocked, they change the address of their website and publish it on their website in a new domain. Now I am giving you all the MLSBD website address lists so far. I hope this will help you a lot.


Similar Sites Like MLSBD

If for some reason you don’t like your MLSBD website then you can find this option. There are many more movie download websites like MLSBD. Here I have written reviews of some movie websites. If you don’t already know about them, you can read the post by clicking on the link below.

Movies Website Review

Pros and Cons of MLSBD

Every website has its pros and cons. Similarly, mlsbd has different pros and cons. We’ll let you know about them here.


  • The MLSBD web site is very slow which takes a long time to load.
  • MLSBD has a lot of ads because it uses many types of advertising networks.
  • MLSBD opens many popup windows.
  • Those whose internet is slow will face many problems to use this website.
  • Clicking on any movie link may not bring up the desired page.
  • The movie cannot be downloaded directly.
  • Finding a movie download link takes an average of five to ten minutes, minutes to ten minutes, which is a waste of time.
  • The download link that is given in every movie is not a download link.
  • Every few days MLSBD changes their domain address, changes the address, changes the address, which is a nuisance for a user.


  • First of all, it is a Bangladeshi website.
  • Secondly, almost all types of movies are available on this website.
  • The day the movie is released or the next day on this website on this website on this website you will find it on this website.
  • MLSBD provides Bangla subtitles with many movies.
  • MLSBD has 2 type themes, one is dark and the other is white, which is not commonly seen on other or any other website.
  • New movies are available on MLSBD every day.
  • On this website, you can request the movie of your choice.

So there is a lot of discussion about MLSBD. This is a really nice website. Downloading movies from here is a little harder than other websites but the procedure is the same. Although this website has a lot of bad aspects I think you should think about the good aspects without looking at these bad aspects. If you want to get the best experience then you must use MLSBD website.

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