Top New Instagram Updates and Features in 2021

Instagram is gaining ground as one of the most popular and best social media applications in the world. In 2020 alone, this application has been downloaded by more than 1 billion smartphone users.

No wonder, Instagram or IG is trying hard to develop its newest features in order to attract more users.

There have been dozens of the latest Instagram story features in 2020 that have been or are ready to be launched among social media users. Are you curious about what the latest IG features are that are ready to be used? Check out Linkon’s review below!

Newest IG Features 2021

Since its release in 2010, Instagram has increasingly spread its wings by creating a series of innovations and features that support the welfare of its users, even though IG has been accused of plagiarizing other social media features several times.

Even so, there are still bugs that need to be fixed, starting from Instagram stories that are cut off on Samsung phones and the like and Instagram that are not full screen. This is due to several factors, one of which is the difference in the resolution of the HP gadget used.

For more details about the latest IG features that are rarely known and certainly cool, please see the review below!

What is IG?

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IG/Instagram is one of the most popular social media for sharing photos and videos to a wide audience. With a total of more than 1 billion users, around 3/4 of the world’s population is connected via IG.

Instagram has many uses, ranging from providing information about news or brands, as inspiration for home designs or dream paintings, even as portfolios for artists who want to showcase their work.

No wonder, the various features provided on IG are more and more creative. So there’s no need to linger anymore, here Linkon shares the latest IG features that you should try to make it more popular and hits!

1. New Look of Bio IG

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Don’t you realize, gang, when entering 2021, there is a significant design change on the IG profile page? That’s right, Instagram has made some major changes to its user interface design, one of which is on the Bio page.

In the past, if you look, the IG Bio page is filled with stacked information such as Edit Profile, Promotion, Open Archive, and Email. Now the latest Instagram look is fresher and cooler!

Currently, Instagram is really focused on showing the number of followers and followings and increasing the space for writing Bios. So, make sure you tidy up your Instagram Bio so that new followers will get more attention, gang!

2. Restrict feature for Anti Bully

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One of IG’s most anticipated new features is the Restrict feature. This feature is specifically designed to limit Instagram users who are considered bullying in any form.

Unlike the Blocker feature, this feature still allows users who we restrict to view our account posts. However, he will be very limited to interacting with our account, one of which, he will not be able to see the Instagram Story and the DM he sends will go to the Request Message.

How to use the Restrict feature is really easy, gang. Here’s the guide! 1. Log in to the IG user account that you want to restrict. 2. After that, tap the three-dot symbol at the top right, then tap Restrict.

Done! The account has limited interaction with your account.

3. Instagram Reels

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The newest Instagram Story feature in 2021 that you should try is Instagram Reels. This feature was created to compete with the popularity of TikTok which is on the rise in recent times.

Later, users can record videos with a duration of 15 seconds. Similar to TikTok, these videos can be edited by adding music or other audio. Various interesting effects can also be added creatively.

However, this feature is still in the testing phase and can only be used on some accounts. But don’t worry gang, you can get and enjoy this feature no later than the end of the year. Can’t wait for this!

4. Activities

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This latest feature on Instagram is very beneficial for your physical and mental well-being. How come? Gini, gang, did you know that staring at social media for too long has a bad impact on your psychological condition?

In addition, staying too long while staring at the HP screen is also bad for your physical condition. Therefore, a new Instagram feature called Activity was created. Later, how long you play Instagram will be recorded each day in minutes.

With this IG feature, one can control how long he plays on social media. This feature can also be used by parents to control their children so they don’t play Instagram too long.

In fact, this feature also presents an alarm to limit the time to play IG. So you don’t have to worry about playing too much on Instagram, gang. Here’s how to use the newest IG feature on this one!

  1. Go to the Account/Account page.
  2. After that, click the three-dot symbol in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap the Your Activity option.

Done! From there you can see your social media activity on Instagram. Hey, who uses more than 1 hour a day?

5. Stay Home Sticker to Support Physical Distancing

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With the outbreak of the Covid-19 (Corona) virus pandemic, various organizations and companies are taking action to support physical distancing activities.

This is also done by Instagram through the Stay Home sticker which was launched around March 2020. By using this sticker, IG users are expected to keep all activities at home.

How to use the latest Instagram features in 2021 is very easy. You just make a story, as usual, then in the Edit feature, this sticker will immediately appear. You can open it on an Android phone or iPhone.

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