Enola Holmes Movie Cast, Story & Full Review

Enola Holmes Movie Review: Enola Holmes has been released on Netflix on 23rd September 2020. My first impression when I heard the movie “Enola Holmes” was coming, “Why should Sherlock Holmes have a younger sister again to have an older brother!” Later it seemed that the fictional character Banak as much as I wanted, I just got a taste!

The movie has not been well received since its announcement. Reading a detective thriller and beyond that as a hardcore, Sherlock Holmes fan seems like a futile endeavor but I assume it’s better than attempting something different.

The main plot of the story is about Sherlock, the youngest member of the Holmes family, and Enola, the only sister of Microsoft, whose only close person or friend is her mother, who disappeared unnoticed on her 17th birthday. Now an attempt to find one’s own position in the world of the self-deprecating mother K and the outside civilized, upper class.

Enola Holmes Movie Review

Did I say at the beginning that as a Sherlock fan, I did not like the effort of this movie, why? Because after Sherlock Holmes, any other character related to Sherlock has the potential to make a movie or a series, but that is Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, Microsoft Holmes. Despite having such a character at hand, blowing up a whole new character that has no existence in the original source material did not seem to make much sense. Even then, let’s put this aside and discuss the movie.

Enola Holmes Movie

If anyone asks me to comment on the movie, I will say Disappointing. First, let’s talk about the casting of the movie. The movie’s lead cast includes Ellela Holmes as Millie Bobby, Sherlock Holmes as Henry Civil, and Microsoft Holmes as Sam Claflin. In this Enola Holmes movie review article, I also shared the reak name of these casts, to see scroll down below.

Speaking of the cast, I leave out the Enola cast because it’s a new character, but Sherlock Holmes, whose physique is like a rogue packet, whose long nose is like Henry Cavill, who has a dashing handsome look, and Microsoft Holmes, who looks like a healthy everyday gentleman.

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Now to say something about the story, I would say that the plotter had the potential to give a good detective thriller storyline as a gift, but almost all of it has been wasted. Repeated attempts to force a feminist agenda from the beginning of the movie were quite noticeable.

It was accompanied by a touch of unnecessary romance that often cut the rhythm in detective genre stories. Accompanying him was a deadly cliche process of presenting the story through what Enola Holmes called the audience on the other side of the screen called Fourth Wall Breaking, which at times became food for laughter.

Enola Holmes Netflix Movie Story

Enola Holmes is the younger sister of Sherlock and Microsoft Homes. Enola grows up with her mother and wakes up on the morning of her sixteenth birthday to find that her mother has disappeared from the house, followed by entries from Sherlock and Microsoft. Sherlock’s job is to find their mother and Microsoft takes care of Elona’s education!

After a while, Enola discovers that her mother leaves some clues for her to find out when she leaves, as well as Enola begins to dislike Microsoft and runs away at night to find her mother because she can’t go to her brother’s fixed school. Intended to do so and on the way, he meets her on the train with a boy named Viscount and after that, the story of Mala happens!

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This is basically the beginning of the movie, the rest you will see for yourself. Enola is shown to be smarter than Sherlock here, since the movie is about Enola, so less footage of her brothers has been given!

Watch the Trailer of Enola Holmes Movie

Enola Holmes has played the role of “Millie Bobby Brown” and her performance has been very beautiful in my opinion; The rest you will do after watching the movie!
Happy watching

I never sat down to watch Netflix movies with high expectations. On the first day of the film’s release, the ratings were low, but I sat down to watch one of my favorite actors, Henry Cavill, as Sherlock Holmes. Today I am writing about the Enola Holmes movie review, but before writing I watched the movies many times. So far, I have seen Iron Man and Dr. Strange as Sherlock Holmes. How was Superman? And after watching, I have to say, in this place, DC was beaten by Marvel! I shared a poster of the film. There were many people who said, “How can a giant Bopur Henry be Sherlock?” Very very eye-catching.

Enola Holmes Movies Casting List:

Now let’s talk about casting development. My head went awry for this thing in the movie. In the movie, the cast of Microsoft Holmes has been left to rot. Microsoft Homes are portrayed here as a reckless, hot-headed, egotistical and a lot of self-centered personalities, as well as his relationship with his younger brother, is shown with mild bitterness. And looking at the stories of Sherlock Holmes?

According to Sherlock Holmes himself, his older brother, Microsoft Holmes, had a keen eye for observation, and the moments after the first appearance of Microsoft Holmes were memorable to readers, where there was a witty contest between Sherlock Holmes and his older brother. And the relationship? If Sherlock believes anyone in the world with his eyes closed, they are two, his only friend John Watson and the venerable older brother.

Even in The Final Problem, when Sherlock Holmes draws his death drama to the whole world, but in the next story he is seen coming back, only one person told the news of his survival, and that was not Watson, nor was Microsoft Holmes. The only thing that keeps popping up in my head for playing such a bad character is, “Who’s the director?”

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What about Enola Holmes? There is no way to measure a new character with old source material because its very existence is missing. But still, Millie Bobby seems to be giving a little too much expression in a couple of places at times, and with the occasional fourth wall break, I have already mentioned some expressions of crunchy.

After all, I don’t think any Sherlock fans will like the movie and whoever it is. Sherlock Holmes is one of the fictional characters that I have accepted as an idol since my childhood and I have to say that he was humiliated and left on the streets here.


Enola’s two brothers, Microsoft and Sherlock, who lost their father when she was a child, left home and her only companion was her mother. Sends her two brothers, Microsoft and Sherlock. Will Enola be able to find her mother? Or will she find herself in trouble one by one?

“Sometimes you have to dangle your legs in the water to attract the bloody sharks.”

A little advice to the director before finishing the article. Brother, please keep in mind that breaking the name of an iconic or famous thing does not make it a masterpiece. So if you like the Enola Holmes movie review, then please share it with your friends and family. If you have anything to say about the movie you can do comment below.

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