How to Earn Money by Watching YouTube Videos

Nowadays there are many interesting videos on the internet, especially on YouTube. Starting from video tutorials, humor, gaming, and more you can find on YouTube.

If we google, actually there is a lot of information on the internet about how to get dollars from the internet, one of which is how to watch earn money watching YouTube.

This paid way of watching Youtube doesn’t need anything, just by watching YouTube, we can get dollars. Do not believe? Read on for more!

There are many apps and sites out there that claim to be able to give their users money by asking them to watch YouTube videos and so on.

Be careful because not all websites tell the truth, and you might just be used by them, even the data you deposited can be taken with them.

This time, ApkVenue will share how to watch Youtube earn money that you can practice at home and is classified as safe because the site and application are official.

Watch Youtube & Earn Money via Swagbucks Website

Paid Youtube Watch Apps

How to watch Youtube for money, which Jaka first discussed, can be accessed via a PC or via a browser on your cellphone, gang.

This first method utilizes the Swagbucks site service where this site provides services to its users to fill out surveys, view advertisements, or watch videos and get paid.

From this site you can redeem the points you get after completing a series of tasks with Amazon vouchers or credits from Paypal.

This website has been reported in various international media, so there is no need to worry about its security. Here are the steps that you must follow so that you can usually watch Youtube for dollars.

  1. Go to the Swagbucks website via the link
  2. If you don’t have a Swagbucks account, please register first.
  3. Tap the Discover menu on the left to find out what offers are currently available.
  4. Choose which ads you will see. The more ads you watch, the more points you get and can be exchanged for Dollars.

Youtube video adoptions are not always available on this site, but compared to other sites that are not necessarily safe Swagbucks offers a better service.

Even though the option to watch Youtube paid for in dollars is not available, you can still earn money on this site by filling out a simple survey.

The points you get from surveys and watching Youtube paid for are also not too much different, so there’s no harm in trying.

How to Watch Youtube Paid via the Tv-Two Application

How To Earn Money From Watching Youtube 02

This second way of watching Youtube for money requires a special application, so you need to download and install this application first.

Don’t worry, this application gang is safe because you can still download it directly on the PlayStore, which means it still meets the security standards applied by Google. You can download it below:


Curious to make this paid YouTube watching application? Let’s see how to use it below.

  1. Download and install the Tv-Two app.
  2. Open the app, then select the video you want to watch.
  3. Every video you watch will earn you a certain amount of points.
  4. Tap the wallet icon to see how many points you have accumulated.
  5. Press the request payout menu, exchange points for money after reaching a minimum of 50,000 points.
Watch Youtube Apps Earn Money 03 26f71

This paid Youtube watching application exchanges points in its application for TTV cryptocurrency. By exchanging 50,000 points you will get 50 TTV currency.

If converted into USD, 1 TTV is worth 0.0006 USD so after accumulating 50,000 points you will get 0.03 USD or around 470 rupiahs.

This value can change at any time, but ApkVenue recommends looking for other alternatives if you really want to find additional.

The reward in the paid YouTube watching Android application is too small for now and could be an option when the TTV value goes up.

List of Sites that Pay YouTube Viewers

In addition to the 2 sites and applications that ApkVenue has presented above, there are actually many other websites that pay YouTube viewers. Here are some of them!

1. Paid2Youtube

One site that you can try to visit so you can earn extra pocket money is Paid2Youtube. This site is fairly popular and visited by many users.

The steps for using the Paid2Youtube site are as follows:

  1. Go to the Paid2Youtube site at .
  2. Register first.
  3. Enter your PayPal account. If you don’t have one, you can read the guide here.
  4. Please select the video you want to watch.

Like any other app or site, you can earn money from the points you collect. Plus, you need to rate, comment and even subscribe to the video uploader’s account. Don’t worry, 1 video you watch is valued at 0.005 USD.

2. Watch2Earn

Another site you can try is Watch2Earn. More or less the same as the previous site, only you can use a wider range of payment options.

Here’s a guide on how to use the Watch2Earn site:

  1. Go to the Watch2Earn site at
  2. Register with your name and email.
  3. Please select the video you want to watch.

The points you get from watching videos can be exchanged for money. The nominal also varies from day today.

3. Baymack

Baymack is one of the sites to watch YouTube that can make money. Later you will get points that can be exchanged for money.

Here’s a guide on how to use the Baymack site:

  1. Go to the Baymack site at
  2. Register with your name and email.
  3. Please select the video you want to watch.

The advantage of this website is that you can earn money by sharing links and inviting people from other social media sites, such as Twitter, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

How to Watch Drakor Paid

As a YouTube and Korean Drama lover, you must be wondering, can we earn money from watching Drakor? The answer is yes!

However, there is no special application or site to watch YouTube Korean dramas and it is definitely paid as above. You need to wait for the right assignments from applications and sites that can make money while watching your favorite drama. That way, you can watch paid dramas from Youtube too!

Well, here Jaka will convey some Youtube channels that provide Korean dramas that you can watch, namely:

  1. tvN D STORY
  2. AsianCrush
  3. DIA’s studio
  4. Tooniverse
  5. Big Picture Mart
  6. KOK TV
  7. Lululala Story Lab
  8. Lifetime
  9. Global PLAYLIST
  10. Dingo K-Drama

The final word

That’s how to watch YouTube make money that you can practice right now. Even though he really earns money, Jaka recommends looking for another alternative, the gang.

Moreover, if you access these sites and applications using a cellular quota, the income you get is still less than the cost of the quota used.

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