How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram, It’s Easy and Really Fun!

How to use anonymous chat on Telegram is very easy on a Laptop or PC. Moreover, this application is very useful if you want to find random new acquaintances.

As you know, Telegram is one of the best chat applications that is claimed to be the safest with an encryption code that is more complicated than similar applications.

There is one feature that is a favorite of many people, namely the Anonymous Chatbot on Telegram. What is it and how do you use it?

This time Linkon will specifically discuss how to use Anonymous Chat Telegram which is very simple and easy. Can’t wait right? Let’s see the following review!

Explanation and How to Use Anonymous Chat Telegram

For those of you who use the Telegram application, you must have heard of the Anonymous Chat feature in Telegram. This feature is so exciting and a shame to miss it, you know! Here’s the full explanation.

What is Anonymous Chat Telegram?

Anonymous Chat Telegram means an unofficial feature in Telegram that allows us to meet new people randomly, without knowing their phone number or username.

As the name implies, Anonymous, this feature makes your chat identity secret and unknown to other users. In other words, everything is a surprise, gang!

Unlike the best friends find application, here you actually get random chat friends, regardless of distance or even country. Cool, right?

Don’t worry, gang, when you send a message on Anonymous Chat, your identity will also be hidden.

How to Use Anonymous Chat on Telegram?

How to use Anonymous Chat on Telegram is very easy and anti-complicated. The system itself uses bots. So you will be asked to enter a special code for the feature to run.

After that, you can communicate with your opponent randomly without knowing their identity. Oh, yeah, who knows you can watch movies on Telegram with him, it must be really fun!

Oh, yes, this guide on how to use Anonymous Chat Telegram Indonesia must be followed step-by-step because even if it’s easy, if you don’t follow the steps, it’s guaranteed to fail.

The following is how to chat with Anonymous on the Telegram bot. It’s so easy!

  • Download and install the Telegram application on your cellphone. You can also download via the Play Store here.
  • Open the Anonymous Chat Telegram Indonesia link. Or you can link to the following link. ->
  • If you have entered the room boat account, click start.

First, choose who you want to talk to.

  • /Join: to choose to chat randomly.
    /Room: selected for you to enter Anonymous Chat, but not randomly.
    Private: to Chat random unknown people and without name identification.
  • After you make your choice, you can start chatting.
  • If you choose Join then there will be several features when entering the chat.

Partner found /next find a new partner /stop this dialog.

  • After you select this feature, you can connect with other people and communicate freely.
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  • You can find another partner by entering the /next command, then repeat steps 4 and 5 above.
  • You can enter the command /stop if you want to stop.

Done! Done! That’s how Chat Anonymous on Telegram bot. It’s easy, isn’t it?

Then, if you want to be in touch with a partner, you can send or share your Telegram account ID username link by entering the /share link command.

Telegram (/) Shortcuts That You Must Know and What They Mean

  • /start : start Conversation
  • /search: search for conversation friends
  • /stop: stop or end the conversation
  • /next: stop the conversation and start a new one
  • /settings: set Gender in this case Male/Female
  • /share link : share your link or user profile with anonymous friends
  • /help: help using Anonymous Chat
  • /terms: opens the policy page.

Why is Anonymous Chat Telegram Not Showing Up?

Not infrequently users experience problems where anonymous bots don’t appear or take a long time to appear. What do you think is the cause?

Quoted from several sources, here are the reasons why anonymous chat Telegram does not appear when searched.

  1. Problematic Connection: whether you are offline or your internet has problems, this will interfere with the running of the application. Let’s fix your own internet connection!
  2. Anonymous Bot Problems: it is not uncommon because of the large number of users, the bot feature becomes problematic. Just be patient, gang!
  3. Accumulating Application Cache: the solution is really easy, just delete the application cache!

The final word

That’s Linkon’s article on how to use Anonymous Chat Telegram. Hopefully, this article makes you interested in using Telegram.

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