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How To Access WordPress From GoDaddy Hosting Panel

Access WordPress From GoDaddy Hosting Panel

Hi, I’m Linkon from TrendingWP. In today‚Äôs article, we will see how to access cPanel in a web hosting account on GoDaddy. But before going to that point, let me tell you that if you are using a managed WordPress hosting account. GoDaddy does not provide cPanel access in their managed WordPress hosting account. To …

GoDaddy Pro Dashboard Tutorial – All You About to Know

GoDaddy Pro Dashboard Tutorial

This is the GoDaddy Pro dashboard. For quick access in the future, add this page to your favorites or bookmarks. The navbar displays along the left side of the dashboard. As we go through the navbar, you’ll notice there are different ways to access some of the same information, so you can use whichever view …