Make Money From Home 2022: Top Earning Tips

How to make money or work today can be done anywhere and anytime. You don’t just have to work in an office.  Utilizing the internet, one can make money online to increase income.

Because it can be done anywhere and anytime, some of the work done online can be more flexible, including doing it from home.

How to Make Money from Social Media


The first way to make money from the internet is with Instagram. Having a very large number of users makes Instagram one of the most popular places to make money. This is related to sponsorship and endorsement. The condition is that you must have a lot of followers and likes.

When you are famous, people who want to advertise their products on your Instagram will come. You can get various kinds of advertisements because there are also many companies that have official Instagram accounts. In addition, you can also create your own business. Especially if you have a lot of followers on your Instagram account, it won’t be difficult to promote the products you sell.


Not much different from Instagram, this one social media is also very well known as a way to make money on the internet. TikTok is loved by young people today, coupled with the many public figures who use it. This is what makes TikTok’s selling power even higher.

This short video-based social media can make you a lot of money. Of course, just like Instagram, you have to have a lot of followers or likes so that people can see your account.


YouTube is no less booming with Instagram and TikTok as a way to make money from the internet. Even now many school children also aspire to be YouTubers. By creating interesting video content and uploading it on your YouTube channel, you can make a lot of money.

This is one of the online businesses without big capital. You have the opportunity to earn big, even if you only have a smartphone camera and an internet connection. The more people who are interested in your video, the greater the opportunity to earn money.

How to Make Money from Investment

Stock Trading

Many young people today are investment literate, so the next way to make money from the internet is stock trading. This method is probably the most reasonable way to make money from the internet.

To trade this stock, you must learn and have in-depth knowledge first so you don’t lose money later. If you don’t understand, stock trading will not be able to generate the coffers of money that you have always dreamed of.

Mutual Fund Investment

The next way to make money from the internet is by investing in mutual funds. If you are still a little hesitant and still not confident in your knowledge of stocks or forex, you can invest in this mutual fund.

Mutual funds are the fastest online investments that generate returns for you. You can get your capital back quickly, but if there is a loss to the company, your money can also be reduced.

How to Make Money from Buying and Selling Online

Selling Items on Online Buying and Selling Sites

Selling items on online shopping sites is one of the most common ways to make money. The only way is to upload a photo of the item you want to sell, then you just have to wait for the buyer. You don’t have to bother going to the market anymore to sell your stuff and get the money.

Opening an Online Store

Still related to buying and selling online, you can also open your own online store. The ease of shopping online certainly makes many people prefer it over going directly to the store. A virtual character where buyers can buy products sold in online stores is an option for many people.

Many businesses have started to have their own online stores, whether they sell their own products or sell other people’s products with a reseller or dropship system. In this case, you have to look for a competent and trustworthy supplier of goods.

Suggested, you can sell your own stuff. Fortunately, there are more and you can manage the flow of money and products.

Selling Photos

For those who like photography, you can sell photos on various paid photo sites. No need to use an expensive camera, you can just use a smartphone. As long as the photos you sell are photos that are needed by the users of the photo later, then your photos will be purchased.

There are several websites that offer you to sell stock photos, such as iStockphoto, Shutterstock, Pixabay, and others. Living in Indonesia is also a distinct advantage for you with its beautiful nature. It’s not surprising that many people will buy your photos if your shots are really good.

How to Make Money on the Internet

Get Ads on Websites or Blogs

The next way to make money from the internet you can do with advertising programs on websites or blogs. If you have ever visited a blog, surely you will find ad space on a blog or website.

Blogs or websites can be registered in the Google Adsense program, which is an advertising program owned by Google. That way publishers can get income from clicking on Google Adsense ads on their blogs.

This program is called Pay Per Click (PPC), where the publisher will be paid for every click made by visitors to the website or blog. The cost per click of the ad has been determined in advance by the Advertiser (advertiser) with a bid system. Apart from Google Adsense, there are many other companies that offer publishers the opportunity to earn money from their sites.

Freelance Work

Freelancing work is one way to make money that can be applied. These freelance jobs can vary, such as writing blogs, admin social media, and others.

In terms of being a freelancer, you must have a good portfolio to be more trusted by potential clients. That way they can trust that you are the right person to run their account. You can register yourself on various freelance job search sites, both from within the country and from abroad.

Services for Purchasing Goods on Overseas Sites

If you have a credit card or Paypal, then opening service for purchasing goods from foreign sites can be your version of how to make money from the internet. Many people still do not understand how to transact online with foreign sites.

In fact, there are still many people who do not have a Paypal account today. Moreover, these people are afraid that the goods will not arrive because they are from abroad. You can be their bridge to the goods they want.

But here you also have to be careful in transactions. Ensure that trust between service providers and customers is well maintained.

Playing games

The next way to make money is by playing games. Many people underestimate the gamer profession, even though the income that can be received by these game players is no joke. No wonder many children have dreams of becoming professional gamers. You can get paid to do something you like.

In fact, for those of you who only play this online game for fun, you can still make money. However, of course, you must have what other people need, such as rare items that you happen to get, or characters with a good status, so you can sell them.

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